Take a look at our new playground! Saved in the Sauganash area, Sauganash Park provides a wide array of applications to the patrons. Outside, Sauganash offers two little softball fields, four tennis courts plus a playground.

Most of the adolescents and youth participate in city-wide sports.

Preschoolers begin early construction skills in t – ball baseball, kids fitness, tumbling and indoor football. Traditional early childhood recreation classes are offered by the park – – pops, mothers, and tots play group, interaction, pre-school, puppetry, story-telling, and Mothers, Dads, & Tots Gymnastics. Adults participate in sport with basketball, co-amateur volleyball, walking, and conditioning.

Sauganash Park offers music courses for all ages, about the cultural side. Youth select from ballet and tap, arts and crafts, play production, performing, guitar, and piano. Additionally they’re able to take part in play creation in the place where they act in a fullscale productions for your neighborhood. For seniors and adults, there are courses for anyone seeking to learn piano.