Yes, it is true… March is fast approaching and there is still MORE SNOW coming our way!

As The conditions have moderated significantly, Chicagoans will continue to pay the price of more snowfall expected this weekend with just about an inch of snow at the most. The particular quantity of snow is hard to anticipate, however the region might find three waves of snow in different intensities, beginning late this evening. Nevertheless, a bit may set another milestone.

Another half-inch and the wintertime of 2013-14 may rank  the next-snowiest ever in Chicago. To date, Chicago has gotten 67.9 in. On Saturday evening, another wave can go through, making 2-4 inches with a high likely to be within the low 20s. A larger system will transfer to the area on Sunday, but at this time it seems that it’ll remain south of Chicago.

When The storm track changes towards the north, we may brace ourselves for at-least six inches of snow.