Sauganash heatwave


Sauganash Heatwave

The neighborhood is loving this above-freezing “heat wave” that is gracing us this week.  A taste of spring is just around the corner as people have been out running, driving with windows down, and even shoveling out the top surface of snow from their yards.  Yes, due to this drastic change in weather within a week, snow has been melting and the community is facing possibilities of flooding.

During a morning drive, I came across snow in the middle of a puddled, yet, soon-to-be dry street.  A desperate homeowner was shoveling off snow on his yard and throwing it directly into the street!  I guess this is smart thinking when it comes down to seeing that snow turn to water in your basement.

Enjoy it while it lasts, Sauganash, good things must come to an end as we are again expected to have snowfall within the next day or two…