Where two off-duty Sauganash citizens marched to get back the Northwest Side trails, female police officers were attacked in separate incidents.

Police are still looking for the suspect, and released a sketch of the attacker. He is described as a Hispanic man with a light complexion, 22 to 26 years old, 5’7′ with short black hair.

‘Besides law enforcement, we have brought out the Chicago Park District, which maintains the trail for all of us, merely to look at tweaking some problems out here, maybe trimming some of the woods [and] maybe looking at some protection cameras,’ Ald. Laurino said.

Ladies in the Northwest Side group say they’re frightened but fighting back.

‘The day that happened I was scared. I don’t need to believe that way,’ walker L.A. Genyk said.

An off-duty female officer was attacked on the Sauganash path while on a day jog last Thursday. Times earlier in the day, an identical attempted sexual assault occurred three miles away on the North Branch Trail. Coincidentally the prospective was another off-duty female officer. Both women were able to fight off their enemy who grabbed them while he was on the bike.

‘We aren’t gonna allow the criminals take-over, okay. Which means this will be the concept that we are sending today,’ Ald. Ald. Laurino led the get back the trail walk.

We’re coming together and walking as a community or working as a community to be sure that we are saying enough is enough and you’re maybe not going to scare us away,’ Eileen, walker, said.

Police encourage women to walk in pairs and watch out for the suspect.