More Snow?

Yes, it is true… March is fast approaching and there is still MORE SNOW coming our way! As The conditions have moderated significantly, Chicagoans will continue to pay the price of more snowfall expected this weekend with just¬†about an inch of snow at the most.¬†The...
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Bob Perkaus 5K

Bob Perkaus 5K on October 6, 2013 History: Bob Perkaus III, for whom the race is named, was a life-long Sauganash resident until his sudden death in 2005. For two decades he was an active member of the Sauganash Community Association and he spent several...
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Speed Cameras

Chicago’s new pace cameras have clocked almost 205,000 violations in just over monthly. An analysis shows the cameras in eight security locations recorded the speeding violations between Aug. 3. The cameras are just issuing warnings to motorists, but fines can be levied starting later this...
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