About Sauganash Properties

Sauganash is a location where you can still claim your 606– residency as a “city dweller,” as well as appear to have the look and feel of a quiet suburb.  This area is the perfect mix for future and current homeowners that don’t want to drift too far into the outskirts of town, and still have access to everything the city has to offer.  For the days you do want to take a drive in and out, Sauganash is conveniently accessible by the major highways, train stops, and bus routes. The neighborhoods are beautiful and feature a wide variety of architecture in traditional to modern homes.

I first new of the Sauganash area by their annual community display of Christmas lights throughout the neighborhoods along Pratt Ave. between Cicero and Central years and years ago.  Families would drive up and down the streets where vibrant lights were decorated in and around houses, entertaining visitors during the holiday season. Today, that tradition still exists and it has grown into a flourishing stomping ground of new businesses and traditions for its current and future residences.

At Sauganash Properfy Finders, we serve to create a network to connect families and professionals in the Sauganash community.  Our goal is to help develop a growing interest in what this area has to offer, and highlight the latest news, sites, activities, and property developments that will have neighbors talking.  Whether you’re looking for a future home, a good place to eat, or simply just looking for what the area has to offer, we will be featuring exciting events!

Do you have any upcoming news you’d like to share or feature on our site?Contact us today and ask us how we can feature your real estate!