Ice cream season is around the corner…

ice cream
We’ve gone through one of the longest, coldest, and snowiest seasons stretching all the way through April!  And now, spring is finally here!!  With yesterday’s heatwave of nearly 90degrees, we practically jumped from winter to spring!  It’s hard to think that we’d actually consider ways...
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New homes announced!

E. Hovnanian Cos., a long-time suburban Detroit homebuilder, is re-entering the town’s property market following a 50-year absence, on-land once prepared for growth by Antoin “Tony” Rezko. The Naperville-based organization, a department of Hovnanian Enterprises, paid $5.1 trillion in December to get 35 plenty in...
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Heat Wave!

Sauganash heatwave   The neighborhood is loving this above-freezing “heat wave” that is gracing us this week.  A taste of spring is just around the corner as people have been out running, driving with windows down, and even shoveling out the top surface of snow...
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More Snow?

Yes, it is true… March is fast approaching and there is still MORE SNOW coming our way! As The conditions have moderated significantly, Chicagoans will continue to pay the price of more snowfall expected this weekend with just about an inch of snow at the most. The...
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Snow Removal

Chicago is now in snow season and deploying over 200 snow plows to salt and plow city roads as winter months moves across the Chicago region. WGN Chief Meteorologist Tom Skilling said that an instant 1 to 1.5″ isn’t from the problem in a few...
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Holiday Lights

Devon Avenue west of the Edens Expressway Chicago, IL I discovered the wonder of the wonderful and intriguing exhibit accidentally one day many years ago as I was driving through the location. For around six blocks, you will see homes all decked out within their...
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Colorful murals

A new mural in Chicago’s Sauganash community on the northwest side adds color on the community’s sidewalk wall. Commissioned by the Chicago Public Art Group, the mixed-media mural fills the walls of an railroad underpass at the corner of Peterson Avenue and Kostner Avenue. Within the...
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DIY Hot Chocolate

Miss registration for the most fun run of the season?  Make your own cup of hot chocolate and get on the Sauganash Trail! This Valley Line Trail, basically opened June 21, 2008 inside the group on Chicago’s Northwest Side. It’s one mile long, managing from...
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The Launch

Halloween’s over and now what do you do with all that sugary-high energy from all that candy? You bring it to The Launch! Sauganash’s major school-year high school program will Be The Launch. The Launch helps teenagers see their senior high school years not merely...
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Bob Perkaus 5K

Bob Perkaus 5K on October 6, 2013 History: Bob Perkaus III, for whom the race is named, was a life-long Sauganash resident until his sudden death in 2005. For two decades he was an active member of the Sauganash Community Association and he spent several...
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